Saturday, April 21, 2012

This artwork is created at the Bay View in Petoskey.
It was my first time to draw and watercolor paint with Catherine last summer.
I enjoyed working with her so hopefully will work with her again this year.

I drew this watercolor painting at the hotel in Petoskey when the instructor, Catherine , was teaching us how to paint simplicity by looking at the flowers, cup of strawberries with whip cream. I've learned not to worry about small details just to go with the flow.
Hello Everyone!
   It's been a while since I haven't create anything new on this blog. I'm still learning how to design this blog. I wanted to show you my artwork and videos but I still not know how to make it look right. I usually create videos in my other websites under my screenname, Deafgoldenhair, where you can find my videos. Most of my videos are in American Sign Language version. Few of them have captions and voice in it. If you wanted to know which video has voice with captions then drop a comment. Thanks for watching! 
Happy Spring!